Main Office . . .

The main office controls all company activities and responsibilities of the employees are as follows:-

General Manager: he is responsible upon all activities of the company, and at the same time he is main partnership of the company
Legal adviser: he is consultant for the company in contracts and taxes problems.
Commercial department: this consists of commercial adviser with staff concerns with commercial corresponding through electronic E-mails or traditional methods.
Technical department: this consists of senior engineers in mechanical, civil and electrical with sub staff from engineers and technicians.

Construction and Erection Department

This department is a separate department dealing with activities of erection and constructions. The main core of the department consists of the following: -
Senior engineer for planning and follow up the groups of employees in the different sits.
Staff for preparing materials required in execution sits from company workshop or from market.
Staff with required mobilization equipment from cranes and transport vehicles.
Staff with required demobilization in sits with administration and security staff.

Transport and Storage Department

The deptartment controls the storage areas in different sits of Iraq and the control of transport sources of the company, these are mainly: -

Store no (1): This is the main store with area about 4000m2q for heavy material and vehicles the store in Falluja vicinity.
Store no (2): This is the site for transport vehicles for importing and exporting material with an area about 5000msq located in Baghdad vicinity.

Supplying Section of the Group

Trading section consists from the following:

1 Trading director
3 Salesmen.
8 Office people.
25 Workers.
1 Computer person.